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1" Corzan CPVC/EPDM Proportional Control True Union Ball Valves - Flanged

For proportional flow control. The percentage of full flow through the valve is approximately equivalent to the degree of ball opening.
Two Proportional Flow Control Rates with One Valve: Hayward ProFile2 corrosion resistant, proportional control ball valves provide two linear flow curves; one for fast opening and one for slow opening. The percentage of flow through the valves with either flow curve is equal to the degree of opening. As the valves are opened or closed, the flow varies in direct proportion to the valve opening. This permits predictable, accurate control of the downstream flow rate with a 1/4 turn valve.
Unique Design "Characterized" Ball: These valves utilize a unique, patented ball with a special "characterized" opening that results in the linear flow rate change. Valves are shipped with the ball installed so that the smaller opening enters the flow first, creating the slow open rate. To switch to the fast opening rate, simply reverse the ball in the valve. With the larger opening first, the flow starts fast with slower, more controlled changes as the ball is turned to "full open".
Perfect With Positioners: Hayward ProFile2 Proportional Control True Union Ball Valves can be supplied with optional electric or pneumatic actuators with positioners for automated modulating service applications.
Never a Problem with Corrosion: Because of their all plastic construction, Hayward ProFile2 ball valves will never rust or corrode. They can survive corrosive environments and harsh weather conditions without the need for painting or expensive epoxy coatings.
Model Number: CV2100SFE
Part Number: 10-25503
Length: 5 1/4 in
Height: 4.8200 in
Weight: 2 lb
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