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3/4" CPVC - Pressure Regulator Valves - Threaded

All Pressure Regulators have FPM seals, can be set from 5 to 75 PSI, which may incur an additional charge, and are assembled with water soluble, silicone free lubricant.
Reliable Pressure Regulation: Hayward Pressure Regulators prevent downstream pressure from exceeding a preset pressure. When the upstream pressure increases beyond the set pressure of the regulator, the regulator prevents the downstream pressure from exceeding the set pressure.
Easy to Set Pressure: Hayward Pressure Regulators can be set by hand, no tools are needed, to control downstream pressures from 5 to 75 PSI. Each size regulator is designed to cover this complete pressure range with just one, non-wetted, plastic coated spring. There is no need to change springs for different pressure ranges as with ordinary regulators.
Molded Gauge Port: An integral molded 1/4" NPT gauge port on the valve body makes installation of a gauge to monitor downstream pressure easy. No drilling or extra fittings are needed.
No Corrosion Failure: These all plastic regulators have no metal parts and will never fail, jam or stick because of rusted or corroded components. They do not require painting or epoxy coating to survive corrosive environments. 007
Model Number: PR20075T
Part Number: 10-25640
Length: 4.1300 in
Height: 9 1/4 in
Weight: 2 lb
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