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1/4" Original Plastic Pump - PPL with Wil-Flex

P.025/PPPPP/WFS/TF/PWF, 1/4" Polypropylene Pump with Wil-Flex. 022

Your Needs
• Must be reliable
• Must be durable
• Ease of maintenance
• Submersible
• Keep it cost effective

Our Solution
• Clamped wetted path design
• Proven air distribution systems
• Progressive diaphragm technology
• Portable models

The Results
• Trouble free operation
• Utilitarian pumps
• Lower operational costs & downtime
• Longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
• Your Success

Note: Other configurations available for demanding applications. Please contact customer service for assistance.
Model Number: 00-9612
Part Number: 25-26558
Width: 5.7000 in
Height: 6.4000 in
Weight: 3 lb
Flow Rate To: 18.2 LPM (4.8 GPM)
Max Pressure =: 8.6 BAR (125 PSI)
Max Suction Lift Capabilty: 3 m (10')
Max Diameter Solids: 4 mm (1/64" )
Elastomer Options: Wil-Flex -40 (-40) to +107.2 (+225) °C (F°)
Wetted Parts & Outer Piston: PPL / PPL
Center Section: PPL
Air Valve: PPL
Diaphragm: Wil-Flex [Santoprene (Orange Dot)]
Valve Balls: PTFE (White)
Valve Seats: PPL
Valve Seat O-Ring: Wil-Flex (Santoprene)
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All dimensions and weights are approximate to the best of our knowledge. If exact size tolerances are required please contact our customer service department prior to ordering.

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