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1" QIC2/PVC Ball Valves - Threaded

Quality, Inexpensive and Compact QIC2 Ball Valves have EPDM o-rings and PTFE seats.
Rugged, Compact Design: Hayward's rugged, low cost QIC2 all plastic PVC ball valves incorporate many design features found only on higher cost ball valves. Features such as PTFE seats, full porting and a 150 PSI pressure rating are all standard on every size of QIC2 ball valves.
Cost Sensitive Applications: The QIC2 ball valve is perfect for OEM and other applications that require a reliable ball valve at an economical price. The QIC2 valve has been designed and tested to make certain it will perform year in and year out in the most demanding applications without leakage or failure. The internal components of the QIC2 ball valve are completely encapsulated inside the one piece valve body which means that the valve never requires adjustment. The QIC2 valve is ready to be put into service right out of the box.
Lightweight and Compact: QIC2 lowcost ball valves are designed to fit into spaces too small for other valves. They are about 1/3 the overall size of a true union ball valve and they weigh an average of 50% less. This makes them ideal for skid mounted and other applications where space and weight are critical considerations.
Can't Rust, Won't Corrode: Their all plastic construction means that they will never fail, stick, or jam because of rusted or corroded parts. And they'll work in places and environments where metal valves must be painted or coated just to survive.
Model Number: QV1T100TE
Part Number: 10-3133
Length: 4.1600 in
Height: 3.4600 in
Weight: 1 lb
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