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3" x 2" FRP Const. Simplex Basket Strainer

3" x 2" FRP Construction Simplex Basket Strainer, FRP Food Grade Isophthalic Resin Construction, Flanged. When pipeline system components require protection from dirt and debris and the line can be shut down for basket cleaning, a Hayward FRP Simplex Basket Strainer is the ideal choice. Unwanted particles are removed as the process media passes through a perforated strainer basket contained inside the strainer body. The basket traps the unwanted material while allowing the process media to flow freely. 007C

Changing or cleaning the strainer basket is quick and easy. The hand removable, cover features stainless steel hinged hardware for securing the cover to the strainer body. Removing the cover allows easy access to the strainer basket. Venting of the isolated strainer housing is made possible by a cover installed vent valve. Baskets are durable and designed with a minimum of 4:1 opening ration, providing high flow.

Inlet/Outlet: 3" x 2"
Flow Rate (GPM): 110
PSI: 65
Model Number: SBN030X020F65
Part Number: 12-4554
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