No Boundaries Tank WATCH-IT® System

Tank Watch-IT

Tank WATCH-IT® Cable Based Sensors

Cable Based Sensor Cable based sensors can be used to measure the content of a variety of substances including: solids, liquids, slurries, below liquid solids, and fine grain powders. A cable sensor drops a specially suited probe on to the surface of the material to be measured.

The measurement taken while the plumb-line extends and retracts is converted into an electronic signal which is displayed on the TWI web interface. Cable sensors are capable of measuring tanks up to a height 180' and are able to operate in temperature conditions up to 1,000°F. Their cable and motor is housed in a rouged, molded, and explosion proof enclosure which is rated for Class II, Groups E, F, & G Hazardous Locations.

Peabody's cable sensor's use the Sure Drop cable release system which keeps the sensor probe from sticking due to material buildup or freezing and eliminates mechanical dust contamination by utilizing a Teflon ball and cap crimped to the cable which seal the mechanical cavity when the cable is retracted.

Up to 10 Sensors Per Gateway

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