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FAQs - General

  • Does the ConnectTank contain a GPS?
  •     Yes
  • How do I manually wake up the Tank?
  •     The ConnectTank has a magnetic switch that can be turned on my swiping a magnet in front of the unit. A magnet is included with all single tank purchases and is available for purchase as an accessory.
  • What is the temperature range?
  •     -20C to 65C
  • What antennas are required?
  •     The ConnectTank has internal Dual band cellular and GPS antennas , no external antennas are required.
  • Does the Connect tank enclosure have a rating?
  •     The enclosure is a NEMA 4X rated enclosure.
  • What is the enclosure material?
  •     Valox
  • Is the ConnectTank C1D2 Certified?
  •     Yes
  • Is the ConnectTank ATEX certified?
  •     Yes
  • How long is the product warranty?
  •     The ConnectTank has a 3 year warranty. Note that the battery is not covered in this warranty.
  • What are the sensor read interval options?
  •     The device can be configured to read from once every 15 minutes to once every day. Battery life will be diminished with faster read intervals.
  • What are the reporting interval options?
  •     The device can be configured to report from once every hour to once every week. Battery life will be diminished with faster reporting intervals.
  • Can the ConnectTank report on alarm?
  •     Yes, the tank can report if a minimum level on a tank is reached, a maximum level is reached or the rate of change of the tank exceeds a set limit. These alarms are all configurable through the API.
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    FAQs - Power

  • How is the device powered?
  •     The ConnectTank has a internal, non‐recharable battery. No external power connection is required.
  • How long does the battery last?
  •     The battery life depends on several factors.
    – How often does the device reads the sensor.
    – How often does the device report sensor readings over cellular
    – Does the device use GPS
    Typical battery life is between 2-3 years, assuming 2 reads and transmits per day. A calculator is available that will estimate battery life based on your requirements above.
  • Is the battery connected during shipment?
  •     No, the battery is not connected during shipment to preserve power. The installer must connect the battery when the product is installed.
    Note: For safety reasons, the device should be powered on before connecting to the Tank in installations where explosive fumes may be present.
  • How do I change the battery?
  •     The battery should only be changed by an authorized technician but it can be done in the field without returning to Peabody. The battery snaps into place easily once the cover is removed.
    Note: For safety reasons, the device should be removed from the tank before changing the battery in installations where explosive fumes may be present.
  • Does the ConnectTank support a low power mode?
  •     Yes, the ConnectTank will sleep in between sensor readings. The current when sleeping is <1mA.
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    FAQs - Communications

  • Is the ConnectTank available in GSM and CDMA versions?
  •     Yes, the Connect Tank support CDMA 1x and UMTS HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM
  • What bands are supported?
  •     CDMA 850/1900MHZ, UMTS: 850/900/1900/2100
  • Is TWI Verizon supported?
  •     The ConnectTank is certified with Verizon. It also passed PTCRB testing. Internationally, the ConnectTank will work with any GSM carrier. TWI is a strategic Partner with Verizon Wireless.
  • Will I need an SMS and/or Data plan with the Verizon?
  •     The ConnectTank can be configured to report using either method. The Connect-Pulse system is an SMS based system.
  • How much data will I use?
  •     It will depend on how often you report the tank data and how often it is read. A tank that is reporting twice per day will use approximately 200KB in a month or approximately 150 SMS messages per month or less, depending upon your needs.
  • Can the device receive over cellular if it is sleeping?
  •     No, it will check for pending messages when it wakes up.
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    FAQs - Sensor

  • What type of sensor is used?
  •     The ConnectTank is available either with the Massa M300/150 or M300/95 ultrasonic sensors. The Connect-Pulse is a Hall Effect Sensor.
  • What sized tanks can be monitored?
  •     The Ultrasonic sensors can monitor tanks up to 15ft and the Hall Effect Sensors can monitor any sized pressure tank.
  • What types of liquids can the ConnectTank Monitor?
  •     Any liquid that is suitable given the Class 1 Div 2 rating of the ConnectTank. Examples of Suitable Liquids are:
    -Water (potable and non-potable)
    -DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
    -Various water-treatment chemicals for injection air-conditioning, boilers and cooling tower systems
    -Irrigation and liquid fertilizer tanks
    The Connect-Pulse monitors cryogenic liquids.
  • Does the sensor compensate for ambient temperature?
  •     Yes
  • Is the sensor weather-resistant?
  •     Yes. It has a NEMA 4X enclosure (Dust-Proof and Water Resistant)
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    FAQs - Software

  • How does my application interface with the device?
  •     The TWI Sensors both report all necessary tank level, GPS and device health data to the Tank WATCH-IT secure web interface via the Etherios Device cloud.
  • Is Python supported?
  •     Python is not supported in Connect-Tank or Connect-Pulse, but is supported on our X4 Gateways.
  • Is the Tank WATCH-IT monitoring system required for this product?
  •     The TWI Sensors will report data only through the Tank WATCH-IT and other licensed third-party service providers.
  • Will this product work in Europe?
  •     Yes, the ConnectTank has all certifications required to work in Europe.
  • Can Peabody assist me in building an application?
  •     Yes, our network provides applications development teams that can design you a custom app.
  • How do I configure the device?
  •     Peabody will pre-configure your device with data that you provide us when ordering. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and we do the rest. When you receive your sensor, all you need to do is connect the battery, install it in your tank and activate the device (with our help, of course!)
  • What can be configured through the configuration application?
  •     -Sensor Read & Reporting Intervals
    -Alert Levels
    -Cellular APN (Access Point Name)
    -GPS location
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