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TWI Web Interface

When you purchase a Tank WATCH-IT® sensor you are purchasing a complete application solution including:
  • Hardware: such as sensors and gatewayssuch as sensors and gateways
  • Wireless Infrastructure: our preconfigured radio, cellular, and web based data relay system
  • Provisioning: preprogrammed hardware parameters and preset web hosting with the TWI cloud
  • Monitoring: generate tank reading history and charts, set level automated level alerts, and custom sensor check-in times
  • Tech-Support: friendly experts available by phone or email to help answer your questions and make the most out of your Tank WATCH-IT® system.

  • The Tank WATCH-IT® interface is completely online, there is no need for software purchase or installation. TWI is accessible from any computer, IPad, Tablet, or smart phone with an internet connection. From the interface the level of your tank will be displayed by a percent full reading as well as a gallons remaining, the interface will also display battery voltage, tank temperature, GPS location, and reading time.

    Through TWI you can set text or email alerts for any of the display parameters. The alerts are completely customizable, multiple types of alerts as well as various alert levels such as moderate and critical can be sent to various personnel.
    Tank Watch It Web Interface
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    TWI will keep records of tank levels and will display history charts of individual or group tanks. TWI will also generate graphs off of the tracked history for better inventory management. These Charts and graphs can be exported in several formats including excel, PDF, RTF, and JPEG.
    Tank Watch It Web Interface Reporting
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    You will have access to your own customized TWI interface with personalized secure log-ins. These secure log-ins can be arranged in to three levels of log in security; this allows a master user to set viewing and reporting limits on sub viewers. Peabody's X4 gateway connects the TWI cloud though SSL ports for security sensitive networks and can establish secure socket tunnels, VPN's, and network certification if required.
    Examples of tiered security:
    - Farm Co-ops can monitor stationary NH3 tanks and all mobile nurse tanks and allow their customers to monitor only their rented nurse tanks.
    - A customer can monitor all of his rented nurse tanks and allow individual nurse tank handlers to monitor their individual tank.
    - Waste oil collectors can monitor all remote collection bins and large central storage bins while customers can monitor their own local collection bin.
    - Product distributors can monitor the level of all storage bins and allow their customers to view the contents of individual storage bins.
    - And much more...
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    TWI has a built in tracking system which will display the GPS coordinates of all remote tanks. This system can also monitor and reroute mobile tanks, such as tanker trucks, to improve route efficiency. TWI GPS tracking keeps mobile assets left in remote locations safe from theft and easy to find for continued use.
    Tank Watch It Web Interface GPS
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    The TWI web interface goes where you go with our mobile web interface. Streamlined for use on all IPads, tablets, and smart phones.
    Tank Watch It Mobile Web InterfaceTank Watch It Web Interface
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